Travels in Europe: From Athens to Amsterdam


October 14 – November 5, 2015

Max and I said our goodbyes and I boarded a bus to Amsterdam.

When I arrived was met by my friend Reinder and we went to a concert that night which was booked by another one of my friends, Arlette.

Coffeeshops and walks through the park. Concerts and culture. New books and ideas. Catching up with friends and admiring the canals. The reds, yellows, and greens of the leaves changing at this time created a colorful celebration on every treetop.

As a college senior I participated in a study abroad program where I ended up living in Haarlem, Netherlands for a few months. I knew from experience that I would be lucky if the weather was to stay bright during this time of year. It was all rain on the forecast but I was positive about the trip anyways.

Jack in Amsterdam

The whole time I was there the weather was amazing.

View of Amsterdam from on top of the public library

Amsterdam library view

Bike, tram, car, walk… just don’t walk in the bike lane! They say Amsterdam has more bikes than people. Biking is the most popular form of transportation here, apart from walking.

amsterdam transportation


amsterdam spot

Canal vibes

Amsterdam canal

canal vibes 3

canal vibes

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