Travels in Europe: From Athens to Amsterdam

Part One: Exploring Athens

October 14 – November 5, 2015

I went to Europe this Fall to tour with my friend Max Sugar Blanck and help promote his EP, French Cookin in the Delta, which we recorded together in Memphis in January. You can listen to some of the songs here:

We were going to tour Germany for a few dates but some dates fell through and it didn’t make sense for Max. I embraced the days off and went to Athens in seek of adventure in a land of the Gods.
Touching down in Greece

touchdown in athens

Overlooking Athens

overlooking athens

athens cultural festival

library of athens

Temple of Zeus

temple of zeus

Theatre of Dionysus

theatre of dionysus

The Parthenon, Temple of Athena


Ancient Agora

ancient agora

ancient agora 1

Temple of Hephaestus


Real Greek salad has no lettuce.

greek salad

The Erechtheion at the Acropolis

Erechtheion 1


Shout out to this guy. A street performer originally from Ghana who was jamming beneath the shadows of the Acropolis. I sat and listened for a while, bought his CD, gave him a sticker, and some change for a beer. That was yesterday. Today I found myself walking down the same street and what do you know? There he is jamming his happy self and he had put the sticker on his guitar. One Love my brother. Respect.

greece street performer 1

greece street performer

Back-alley artwork in Athens, Greece

street art

street art athens

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